Blossoms | OHSHC

Blossoms | OHSHC

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ellie By sakvrakiss Updated Oct 18, 2018

❝I heard a little love is better than none.❞

When a flowery, artistic girl engages with Hikaru Hitachiin, she manages to catch a huge infatuation with him. However, she is torn apart with the fact that he has his eyes set on someone else. But that wasn't the only problem; due to Rosaline Blossom's mysterious personality, this caught a spark within Hikaru's twin brother, Kaoru, along with the princely boy, Tamaki Suoh.

[This story is rated MATURE]
[Tamaki Suoh x Hitachiin Twins x OC]
                            _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"One of the best Ouran fics ever, the writing is beautiful and the humor is great, I fell in love when I started reading." - my friend, Erin

『 070716 』 #142 | FanFiction
『 082916 』 1st Place in the Ouran Wattys "Other" and "Best Cover" Category ♡
『 Part of the Anime Love Rival Series 』

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pepewriter pepewriter Jun 21, 2017
Ah look, another story that'll make me cry and laugh at the same time
lovegalour lovegalour Jun 02, 2017
yes, i am ready for my head and my heart to repeatedly simultaneously combust
maxdechart maxdechart Jul 01, 2017
Your covers are absolutely splendid, I love them so much ♡
pepewriter pepewriter Jun 21, 2017
When you want to see what happened to the other person bc you're nosy and like drama ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
0MG_its_P1CKlES 0MG_its_P1CKlES Aug 03, 2016
Random Person: "I don't know  why but this motion picture has me Rollin!"
                              Me: "Did somebody say Rollin?!"
                              Friend: "Not this agai-"
                              Me:  (>o<) "THEY SEE ME ROLLIN'....
                                          \|/.     THEY HATIN'!"
edenlyte edenlyte Jul 28, 2016
AHAHHAAHAHHHA SOMEONE ELSE HAS USED THIS GIF!!!!!! Already love the story just for that ;^)