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Blossoms | OHSHC

Blossoms | OHSHC

20.5K Reads 1.7K Votes 36 Part Story
ellie!!! By sakvrakiss Updated Feb 02

❝I heard a little love is better than none.❞

When a flowery, artistic girl engages with Hikaru Hitachiin, she manages to catch a huge infatuation with him. However, she is torn apart with the fact that he has his eyes set on someone else. But that wasn't the only problem; due to Rosaline Blossom's mysterious personality, this caught a spark within Hikaru's twin brother, Kaoru, along with the princely boy, Tamaki Suoh.

[This story is rated MATURE]
[Tamaki Suoh x Hitachiin Twins x OC]
                            _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"One of the best Ouran fics ever, the writing is beautiful and the humor is great, I fell in love when I started reading." - my friend, Erin

『 070716 』 #142 | FanFiction
『 082916 』 1st Place in the Ouran Wattys "Other" and "Best Cover" Category ♡
『 Part of the Anime Love Rival Series 』

0MG_its_P1CKlES 0MG_its_P1CKlES Aug 03, 2016
Random Person: "I don't know  why but this motion picture has me Rollin!"
                              Me: "Did somebody say Rollin?!"
                              Friend: "Not this agai-"
                              Me:  (>o<) "THEY SEE ME ROLLIN'....
                                          \|/.     THEY HATIN'!"
ItsanEchan ItsanEchan Jul 28, 2016
AHAHHAAHAHHHA SOMEONE ELSE HAS USED THIS GIF!!!!!! Already love the story just for that ;^)
RandomWeirdPerson27 RandomWeirdPerson27 Aug 26, 2016
Just saying just because your friends day it's good doesn't mean it actually is I'm not trying to be mean I haven't read it yet and I believe it's going to amazing bit maybe you should have put a person you didn't knows reply because it would make it more convincing
cozyjisoo cozyjisoo Aug 12, 2016
I stopped reading this for awhile and decided to start again and hly sht the covers are so damn good
jeonjungkinky jeonjungkinky Jun 30, 2016
Aww, that's song is so sad and sweet at the same time!! 😣😣
yutta-hey yutta-hey Aug 21, 2016
Well, that certainly sounds like them, willing to spare their own feelings for a close friend or brother.