Knight With No Armour | ✓

Knight With No Armour | ✓

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❝Not everyone has to be a knight in shining armour. Sometimes, it's okay to be a knight with no armour.❞


It always takes a momentary weakness to screw things up and Danuj Pradhan learns this the hard way. 

After cheating on his fiancée slash best friend with their other best friend, everything starts going down the drain. When push turned to shove, Danuj takes the easy way out. He runs away from his home, or hellhole as he prefers to call it, to his spinster aunt's place to just start everything afresh.

What he didn't expect is to be hit, literally, by an annoying ball of sunshine in the name of Keira Wilson, who is persistent in showing him that it's okay to be a knight with no armour.

But everything isn't what meets the eye. Because, she isn't exactly a ball of sunshine. And he isn't someone who's only problem was a love he lost.


- - -

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Trailer credit: @ketterdams

Spin-off of Is He A She?! Can be read as a standalone too. 

#109 [teen fiction]
#94 [short story]

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Suganthii Suganthii Jul 31, 2016
I haven't read is he a she... I mean only starting two three chapters I have read but I am gonna read this one
crescendo_s crescendo_s Jul 28, 2016
I believe that do. I mean if they are willing to improve then they deserve a chance.
Malak7Shah Malak7Shah Jun 28, 2016
Just saw the cover now😅
                              It looked a lot to me like Death from the Tale of Three Brothers
                              If Harry Potter fans have seen the movies
nerdvamp nerdvamp Jul 02, 2016
*waiting with my fork and spoon ready* Where's dinner (aka Danuj)? 😉
Chanel-Rivera Chanel-Rivera Nov 14, 2016
I still love this. But every time I read it, I can't help but feel that there's a deeper meaning underneath its surface. ❤
Amber_1147 Amber_1147 Nov 23, 2016
Danuj was a (excuse the swearing) bitch in "Is He a She?!" But I saw this and thought why not read his side of the story