Cookie Love [Watty Awards '12]

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Labz By taylorswift Updated 3 years ago
Rosalie is a cookie monster. When she runs away from her life, her crush - Jake and work, she ends up in a small city namely Rethern. 
    Enter Vincent, a guy who loves cookies as much as she does. Eventually,she starts to love her new life, the one without complications. When she finally begins to rediscover herself and enjoy her life,Jake comes back.
    Can Cookies bring two people together? 
    What happens when Jake finds her?
    Will she ever succumb to her old life? 
    When two worlds collide, hearts will be broken.
    Read to find out ;)
Lmao. She takes cookies to a whole NOTHER level looool. I always choose the stomach lol
So cute! And I love the war she has with herself over eating the cookie! Adorable!
I LOVE COOKIES TOO! Although I doubt I would over-react like her xD
                                    But siriusly? Cookies rock. I want one right now but sadly i cant :(
                                    And go Jakeyyyyy! Jakey and Rosalie, sitting in a tree, e-a-t-i-ng-cookies! Yup, that's an awesome song right there ;)
I love your writing! Like seriously! It's amazing! And I love the title, cover, and the whole idea! I've never read anything like this before!<3 I'm definitely reading on!
                                    -Voted! :]
First let me tell you LOVE the tittle, so original.  Chocolate cookies one of my favorites lol. Ok back to the story: Your writing its amazing and you have a very flowy writing style. Is Original, different and unique so 100 chocolate cookies your way!
i was listening to screamo while listening to this...just makes life good