Septiplier - Smut Shots

Septiplier - Smut Shots

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✧THE EYES✧ By ZinLock Updated Sep 11, 2016

Septiplier one-shots, each one containing smut. Lots and loooots of smut. May contain BDSM and other wierd kinks. 

Cover art by Konoira on Deviantart. Go check her out. ::3

⚠[WARNING : This contains yaoi (boyxboy) smut]⚠

ENJOY! ♡♡♡

*picks up some shattered remains of the Forth Wall*
                              *pets the piece of wall slowly*
                              *kisses the piece of wall*
                              Everything will be fine....we can fix you....
Can we get trump in here to rebuild the fourth wall? Maybe it will all stay together better if we use Hillary's emails.
SOMEBODY THE FOURTH WALL BEFORE MARK AND SE....*Mark and Seán look at me yelling* *runs into a wall and blacks out*
XD I'm commenting "Rock-Hard Markymoo" on one of Mark's videos.
This just in, fourth wall broken in possibly the best way possible. More at 11
"my gag reflex didn't kick in."
                              Me: Maybe his dick is to small.