Change of Plans ➢ JB [BWWM] [AU]

Change of Plans ➢ JB [BWWM] [AU]

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❝ BABY. ❞ By soberjustin Updated Mar 24

Toni Jones is a young, prudent woman engaged to rich man, Noah West, who's parents are so well associated that they thought their children were the perfect match for each other. Noah and Toni have know each other since they were 5 years old and since then, their parents have kept in touch and always planned for their occasional meet ups. Their ultimate plan was to get them where they were now, an engaged couple. 

Justin Bieber is a man who's lost almost everything in his life. When his wife and daughter died in a car accident four years ago, he's lost almost all hope. When his best friend, Ryan Butler, suggests for him to get a job and begin building a bridge over this river that's all but destroyed him, there's hope. So, he gets a job as a busboy, at a very well known restaurant. One that's just opened. And since Ryan knew the owner of the restaurant so well, he was able to land Justin an immediate place. 

What happens when Toni visits this restaurant with her fiancé, along with their families, and Justin is the busboy for her table? And what happens when her fork falls on the floor and they both go to pick it up? When their hands touch, there's an immediate spark that startles them both. 

"There's just something about what happened at that restaurant, Kayla. I think- I think there's been a change of plans."

#ChangeOfPlansFF // soberjustin 2016. 
All Rights Reserved.

Partially based off of the movie Playing It Cool starring Chris Evans.

Posted on; 6.29.16.


cover by; @kingraxuhl

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Love her dad yo!!!! 😭😭😭 something my dad would've said
jennerid jennerid Jun 29, 2016
excited to read this ! i'm so glad you let me take part in making a cover for you ! xx
So elegant looking and oh MY it's BIEBEr why the uk even sayin this , 😱
suckingbieber suckingbieber Jul 13, 2016
y'all already know, i got his white chocolate ass whipped. 😌
swallowbieber swallowbieber Jul 05, 2016
My friends would never do this for me but I'm grateful to have them THO
Okay but that gif tho *,* how didnt anyone comment?? 😕😕😍😍