His only Grace

His only Grace

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"Let me tell you something, being an artist means that I'm extremely good with my hands and...fingers..." He held  her wrists tightly above her head, chest against chest he felt her heart beating rapidly.

"...and I plan on showing you just how good."

Grace is just your average girl that didn't expect a clumsy mistake to change her life. All her life she's been struggling to get where she wants to be so when an obstacle named Noah Miller appeared she simply saw him as a challenge which unexpectedly turned the devil himself into a blessing.  
When Grace ruined Noah's most prized possession he made sure she'd pay for it, he never meant for their agreement to turn into his craving.

MusicIsWriting_06 MusicIsWriting_06 Oct 18, 2016
Oh honey. So if I paint a pretty picture of an apricot and a middle finger, will I earn $35,000 for my beautiful masterpiece? ;) 💞💞
MusicIsWriting_06 MusicIsWriting_06 Oct 18, 2016
A thumb on an orange? Is there a hidden joke behind this? (: Maybe I'm just too bland to get it..? Haha💞
Nicky_Oden Nicky_Oden Nov 16, 2016
Potatoes are amazing i mean they make vodka from potatoes so how can it not be amazing
Beautiful_Starz Beautiful_Starz Oct 19, 2016
*smacks forehead* 🙄😯 oops, my bad bro! Let me just grab my wal- wait what? $35,000?!! Well I guess you want monopoly money. 😒Cuz that's the only way you're about to get that amount from me.
I try but can never seem to really understand modern abstract art. Now, impressionist and expressionist I get and like.
KeepStayingWeird KeepStayingWeird Nov 26, 2016
Like he shouldn't have done that but still she did ruin his painting