Bullied By The Dolan Twins |✔️|

Bullied By The Dolan Twins |✔️|

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First book of mine... it's cringe asf 

☁️ I realized that I fell in love with my bully. I don't regret doing it though...☁️



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iwannadje iwannadje Nov 19, 2017
period one: band
                              period two: latin
                              period three: ap human geography 
                              period four: algebra two 
                              period five: care and prevention for athletic injuries
                              lunch break
                              period six: ap biology
                              period seven: english
dolantwinsbetchh dolantwinsbetchh Sep 14, 2017
For ELA I have a 2 period block
                              Period 1/2: Language Arts P-AP
                              period 3: Texas history
                              Period 4:Math
                              Period 5: choir
                              Period 6: advanced orchestra
                              Period 7: P.E
                              Period 8: science
JackMaynardIsMyHoe JackMaynardIsMyHoe Aug 22, 2017
At my high school we have a different timetable thingy, 
                              Period 1
                              Period 2
                              Morning tea
                              Period 3
                              Period 4
                              Period 5
Emo-Trash32213 Emo-Trash32213 Sep 15, 2017
I have 
                              Period 1:History
                              Period 2:Computer Apps
                              Period 3:Science
                              Period 4:Gym
                              Period 5:Math
                              Period 6:Language Arts
                              Period 7:Art
1-8000-karmasabitch 1-8000-karmasabitch Oct 16, 2017
Period one and 2: Dt
                              Period 3: science
                              Period 4: trigonometry 
                              Period 5 and 6: French 
                              Period 7: English
SendGarlicBread SendGarlicBread Dec 05, 2017
Mine starts at 8:45 on a normal day. But EVERY WEDNESDAY. We start at 8:45 and finish at 2:15, we normally finish at 3:15