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Friend or Foe? *On Hold*

Friend or Foe? *On Hold*

9.9K Reads 147 Votes 21 Part Story
Srinidhi By sugarlover9 Updated Aug 21, 2011

3 Girls & 3 Boys, all start their junior year with hatred. Their parents were great friends and still are, but they’re not. Rosalina, Scarlett, Sasha, Ryan, Nathan, and James all are enemies with tons of pranks on their sleeves. But, their pranking will take them to places they never imagined to happen. As they go on with their normal lives they start to face threats, danger, and troubles a 16-year old never expect to face. You may think that this is a normal frenemie story, but as you read you will start to expect the unexpected. Wanna know how this all ends? Well find out…..


sugarlover9 sugarlover9 May 30, 2011
@PrettyGRLRock  thankx for the advice because i am currently working on a story and i was deciding weather to put the character description at first or not so thanks and u also stay pretty, lol :)
sugarlover9 sugarlover9 May 01, 2011
@Avarniamissdever I get u thts y i didn't do tht in the rest of chapters
sugarlover9 sugarlover9 May 01, 2011
@Avarniamissdever then can u please tell me how u prefer the descriptions?
MissRaRa MissRaRa Apr 24, 2011
It is confusing with the sudden changes of POV i understand you want to get everyones parts in, but it's not only confusing, but it doesn't give time for the reader to get to really know the character
MissRaRa MissRaRa Apr 24, 2011
I'm sorry to say that I don't like descriptions in this way, sorry, but I'm going to carry on reading till the next chapter because this isn't the story yet.
sugarlover9 sugarlover9 Feb 28, 2011
@megamarie121 @TheNewGirl thankx sooo much and yea i admit that it was confusing but i fixed in the other chapters thankx soo much again :)