Wincest One Shots - MalexMale

Wincest One Shots - MalexMale

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Hey there!

This is a Wincest one shot collection, so if you don't like Wincest, I suggest you kindly fuck off.
But, for you who do like Wincest, I hope you have fun reading.
Also: you can request anything you would like!

Love you!
Xx - L

Yes they are made for each other and should always be seen that way
that moment when something bad happens to you and you think "god what did I do wrong!" then your like "oh yea, that's right..."
I must pray for forgiveness, oh wait Satan doesn't mind. Never mind, it's cool.
PeachNovel PeachNovel Jun 27, 2016
Dean and Sam crashes a high school prom on a job because Dean wants to go to prom with Sam since he never got to go to prom. If that makes sense?
NekoErica NekoErica Oct 26, 2016
It's been so long since I've gotten to read smut. *wipes away a single tear* this was beautiful.
_GraveyardShift83 _GraveyardShift83 Dec 26, 2016
My friends were being âssbutts and saying that incest is gross. But I don't care! I'll continue if I want to!