The Body Swap

The Body Swap

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Rutti By adulate_ Updated Aug 08

"I'm black!" Nathan screams but the voice that erupts from his throat is a high shrill screech.

"I'm white!" Blessing screams but she brings her hands to her throat, mortified at the deep resounding voice that escapes.

Nathan and Blessing look at one another in shock and awe, unsure of how to comprehend the situation.

"Damn, I am so good looking," Nathan states haughtily, admiring himself through Blessing's eyes. 


Nathan and Blessing have three things in common -

1. They both go to the same university and live on the same floor. 

2. They are both the sluts of their campus and have a running competition to see who can out sleep who.

3. They've been arch enemies since they were 16.

One morning they wake up in their beds, in their rooms, in their each other's bodies! Nathan attempts to find a cure or an explanation to the body swap however Blessing finds this as a golden opportunity to get revenge on Nathan.

Nathan gets wind of this and decides that two can play this game and he too begins sabotaging Blessing's life. As they try and navigate and destroy one another, they realise there's more to the surface than what meets the eye.

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