A Devil's Mind, Demon's Soul and Angel's Body//ON HOLD//

A Devil's Mind, Demon's Soul and Angel's Body//ON HOLD//

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Phoenix & Dragon By FairyLucyNamiPiece Updated Sep 08, 2016

She has the Soul of a Demon,
The Body of an Angel
And the Mind of a Devil. 
From a happy, kind, caring Celestial Mage to a Cold, Heartless One. Meet Lucy Heartfillia, a Mage who was once loved by her guild. 

On a mission, Lucy Heartfillia meets the demons of the Dark Side. They cause her pain and almost kill her but they find out a secret about her. They'll use that to conquer the world. 

Will Fairy Tail save her? Who knows. After all Lisanna came back and Lucy's been ignored but what about her true friends? Maybe they can bring the sweet, caring Celestial Mage back. 

Though she may have the body of an angel. She's got a soul of a demon and a mind of a Devil. 

Read to find out. 
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That must have took forever to come up with. I would literally take 10 years to come up with that and it wouldn't be even half as good s this. Good job
These little poems are making me cry so here I am looking like a weird little girl silently crying in the darkness of my room and reading things that move me
Anime0001 Anime0001 Nov 13
I fricken love this!! This is my life every single day of my life!!
                              I'm trying not to cry now.
                              Thank you so much, Author-chan.
Virgo cussed woah and that's so deep that I'm literally sitting here silently crying
the author means to say she is brave and wild no one can tame her and you should pity the person who tries this lion is Lucy. This is so deep