Ashton From Quiksilver » Lashton

Ashton From Quiksilver » Lashton

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Ashton works at Quiksilver and he just happen to meet a bad boy named Luke and his decent twin brother, and what happen after that?

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oreocumgc oreocumgc Nov 05
i love how it is introduced as calum&michael because hell yeaaahhhh malum
DizneyChick DizneyChick Oct 07
Remember to keep the different tenses in mind, like past and present ya know, try to keep it as one tense the whole time :) it makes the story more fluent
mary_rider mary_rider Dec 01
MALUM *freaks out like the rest of the fam down here in cms lol*
-yxxth -yxxth Nov 28
lmao i would do dat to my brother but my mother would rip my head of