Our Naughty Baby

Our Naughty Baby

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BabyFifthHarmony By BabyFifthHarmony Updated Jul 28, 2016

Lauren's POV

Lucy invited me to go drinking with her and a couple of friends tonight. But I knew the girls would say no because of tomorrow's interview. 

But I really wanna go...Maybe it's worth a try to ask.

I run up to Ally's room and I entered.i saw her and Normani talking together in bed.

"Oh hello Lauren!" Ally smiles and Mani waves at me.

"Hey girls.." I smile

"What's up?" Mani asks me.

"Well...Lucy invited me to-"

"No." Ally said without me finishing.

"But I-"

"Will come home drunk if you go...So no." Ally says calmly.

"I won't be-"

"Heard that before." Ugh she keeps finishing it with the...Well...Truth

"I promise to-"

"Promises were meant to be broken." Mani laughs at Ally's statement.

"Ugh come on Ally! Please let me-"

"No." She says sternly looking at me in the eye.




"Responsible? Thanks lolo." She smiles at me.

I glare and walk our the room to mine. 

I plop on my bedd. "I'm old enough to make decisions on my own and I SHALL G...

mamaskitten mamaskitten Jul 08, 2016
same as I commented on the other story? and maybe lauren sneaks out again, or smokes or is caught doing something
Thoughtsof5h Thoughtsof5h Jul 13, 2016
I think ally should become a baby. Maybe she says something that causes the girls to make her become a baby with Lauren.
HellaFineJauregui HellaFineJauregui Jul 13, 2016
I think it would be funny if Lucy "asked" the girls to do that to her because she didn't have a great childhood or something like that. Or the girls could punish her too and she starts to like because of her past. Idk, do what you think will be the best. ❤️
katnewto katnewto Jul 13, 2016
I don't think you should make Lucy a baby as well I think it's better with Lauren being the baby but maybe Ally and the girls explain the punishment to Lucy and she thinks it's a good idea and tries to help Lauren understand it and go along with it.
thejaureguilaw thejaureguilaw Aug 16, 2016
not that kinda girl right? 
                              boy i wanna like you but its better if you just dont speak oh oh ooh shut up
idontknowmyname5 idontknowmyname5 Jul 13, 2016
woah, i loved that chapter! i have a feeling that they're gonna turn lucy into a baby as well 😂