Strawberry and You (Ichigo X Reader)

Strawberry and You (Ichigo X Reader)

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**Book One**

You have just moved to Karakura Town with your father for work, it wasn't long after your moved that your father enrolled you to Karakura High. You soon met Ichigo, Uryu, Chad, Orihime and Rukia and befriended them. 
Soon you began to develop feelings for Ichigo and he started to develop feelings for you as well. 
Which then you found out the secret Ichigo has been hiding from you and you revealed your secret to Ichigo by accident.
Though it doesn't stop him falling for you, soon both of you start to go out

Please enjoy my story.

  • bleach
  • ichigo
  • reader
  • reaper
  • romance
  • soul
  • supernatural
ameyiackerman ameyiackerman Mar 27, 2018
I like how the comment are complaining about PE, and I'm the most athletic person and i'm not dead. Suck it up, PE keeps you health.  jeez.
Loony_Alice Loony_Alice Oct 12, 2017
*dark aura around me* I. AM. NOT. DOING. LAPS. EVEN. WHEN. THE. HELL. FREEZES. OVER.*scariest death glare in the world*
Pastel_Hell Pastel_Hell Mar 11, 2017
I love the title BTW my sister told me what it meant yesterday
Maria_Draco Maria_Draco Sep 15, 2017
Nooooo not that he'll don't make me goooooo!*draged by Lillya to P.E.*
ichilover ichilover Jun 30, 2016
Woooww...straight forward bro! XD but I wouldn't mind if it was ichigo tho
- - Sep 22, 2018
I hate PE to be honest. but it keeps u healthy. so. yeah. I just hate it. but whatever.