The Arrangement {Book 1}

The Arrangement {Book 1}

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In this world it's not what you will take up, but what you will give up that will make you rich, but you should remember to never allow yourself to be controlled by money, the past, or people.. After all, money is the root of all evil, so what is it that you would you really  be willing to do for it, even if it goes against what you believe in?

Confused?... Unsure?... Or maybe you think that you have it all figured out and know what you would do if you was to be in a terrible stage in your life, barley making it day by day, and having the feeling of despair. A'Mirah has been there thinking that she would never have to be in the situations she's in now. Now she's confused and unsure of what she's to do next in order to finally survive again, not only for her, but for her parents as well. Things have not been the same in about two years, their lives has changed tremendously and went down hill and with the person that contributed to that happening now gone, can she try to fix it by herself?

"Some say that our lives are defined by the sum of our choices, but it isn't really our choices that distinguish who we are." -Emily Thorne, (Revenge)

This Story Contains
Explicit Language, Some Violence and Sexual Content.
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nickii1395 nickii1395 Sep 19, 2016
Idk if google holding out on me orrrrr but my translation was idj
She's in love and she's blind to the fact what her boyfriend did
- - Jan 08
i hate when somebody answer me like this , i said how your day been, not what did you do ugh
lytisha32 lytisha32 Jan 04
Girl I don't know nothing about Italian language. Translate pls...
- - Jan 08
i think he killed him out of jealousy and wanting to have control over her
pradatearz pradatearz Dec 25, 2016
I don't like when people talk other languages in front of me knowing damn well i speak English. 
                              No habla italliano.