Being the Teacher's Dirty Little Secret (TxS)

Being the Teacher's Dirty Little Secret (TxS)

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I watched her cautiously walking down her stairs to the dining room, "mum?" She spoke confused, she continued "I didn't know we were expecting guests."

Her mother nodded "oh, it must have skipped my mind. Darling this is Tiger's fiancé..."

She spoke my mind "let me guess Winnie?

Her mothers jaw dropped in shock and disbelief "Lolita, how dare you say such as thing."

Lolita blushed scarlet red before she could even respond I cut in "it's quite alright Ruth, this is Stacey."

Lolita nodded her head in Stacey's direction with a sarcastic look on her face "I'm so sorry Stacey."

I sent a grin in her direction but instead of grinning back at me, she turned around and walked away from me into the kitchen. I couldn't help but look at her ass as it moved from side to side she hadn't changed much. She didn't have a overall huge ass but something I could only hope to hold as I rammed inside of her. What am I thinking I watched her grow up, she's my sisters best friend.

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Whoa an introduction would be nice cause I'm so confused and i don't understand anything bout who's saying what to who