Karma X Reader (On hold T_T)

Karma X Reader (On hold T_T)

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Jenn The Psycho By Xx-psycho_jenn-xX Updated Jul 09

(Y/N) is a normal girl who loves to do assassin skills

Someone took her to be an assassin since she loves to do assassin things she agreed

She thought she was going to work alone but they partnered her with a certain red head

That Red head loves to tease and play pranks. So along the journey that red head was teasing her.

She was super annoyed of him playing pranks and teasing her. But she was slowly falling for him

Oh I thought it said take down the drug lord I'm fine for now
Me: Woo!!! No
                              A class assholes
                              B class bitches
                              C class crap
                              D class dicks
Me: *is in the library, tucked in a corner where no-one can see me*
Well then I'm gonna get paid for this because it is your job.
The 30 weapons I carry*cough* I mean *cough* the empty space where my soul should be
KyubsPubes KyubsPubes Jun 28
                              AKEMI HOMURA 
                              HOMURA LOOKS LIKE OKUDA 
                              OKUDA AS IN CLASS 3E
                              A TRIANGLE HAS THREE SIDES