The Next Ketchum (Pokemon XY Fanfic)

The Next Ketchum (Pokemon XY Fanfic)

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Em-Leigh x By Otaku-Chan1309 Updated Jun 02

Astrid Ketchum is the daughter of Ash Ketchum the champion of Kalos and Serena Yvonne the Kalos Queen. Ash and Serena decided to split up because they were both so busy all the time due to their jobs and neither of them wanted the other to quite. After they spilt Serena found out she was pregnant but she never got to tell Ash. Seren died 3 days after Astrid was born, she was rised by Grace her gran mother, Astrid never knew who her father was she is a big fan of Ash Ketchum the champion and wants to be just like him, a pokemon master. She sets out on her journey to become a pokemon master meeting great friends and maybe a love interest, making rivals and catching pokemon. But what happens when sometime on her journey she met her father? What will happen when they find out who they are? 

Book Stared: 19th July 2016

Book Finished:

*I only own my ideas and Astrid and some other characters* 

@Copy right to me for the characters, Astrid, Ben, Brenna and Cole. Also for the storyline  have made up. 

Warning:Contains strong langue

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