Dusk Settles(BoyXBoy)

Dusk Settles(BoyXBoy)

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At Dawn... Sequel. 

He never thought I'd happen, or that it could happen, an overprotective Alpha that moves him from his mate and into a empty shack with three children that love their fathers dearly. Adrian doesn't know what to do and seems to never have the energy to fight for what he believe and love, but now something feels different for him, love or jealousy? A new body is laying in Barry's bed and he's going to do what he can to get his lover and mate back, but he knows it comes with different cost. What can and will he do? And, is Barry really wanting a commitment? (And after a night with Barry, old ways start to show, can it possibly be another pregnancy?)

Read and find out.(Also, Enjoy and give Feedback!)
This is a gay, werewolf pregnancy story if couldn't tell from the description.

Gypsygurl38 Gypsygurl38 Oct 07
Adrian is a total and utter idiot, that's all there is to it!  How many times is he gonna let the Alpha and Barry walk all over him and his children before he decides that enough is enough!
Adrian should say no an let Berry suffer he went an got a girl prego Adrian should make him suffer for a while to see how much pain Berry put him tho
I didn’t even know At Dawn was finished. But yay, you updated!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
SyrenkaNoir SyrenkaNoir Oct 15
I dont get it. You make adrian so idiot. He is a Man for god sake. And he even cant stand up for himself and his babies.
He should tell Barry to F off and start seeing someone else. But excellent chapter. I'm going to wait until you have put up at least three more chapters before I reading anymore, because one chapter at a time is killing me. Thanks for the update though.  ;-)