Who Will Fall In Love First? G.D (Dirty)

Who Will Fall In Love First? G.D (Dirty)

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❤☁☪ By DolanTwinDirtyWriter Completed


"Ugh I hate you"

"I hate you more selfish brat"

"Guys stop! You are both my best friends, I have an idea to make you guys like each other."

"If you can make me like Grayson Dolan than you are a miracle worker" I said as I rolled my eyes."

"Like I can stand you" he said with a stupid voice.

"I want to make a bet, you guys have to flirt, kiss make out the first one to fall in love with the other losses"

"What! I won't let him touch me!"

"Why you scared, don't hate me as much as you said you did"

"Bring it on ba-by"

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