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Juvie? That's easy. Boys? Now that's a Problem (Under Construction)

Juvie? That's easy. Boys? Now that's a Problem (Under Construction)

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Liliana c: By ViolentDelight Updated May 06, 2014

After murdering her best friend's rapists, Avery Scarlett, is sent to Juvie. She thinks things could be worse, but what she doesn't know is that Juvie is only filled with boys! And she's the only girl..

[Will get edited one of these days. I don't know why people still read this story but it's cool. There are a lot of mistakes, so keep that in mind. ]

liliyane123 liliyane123 Apr 19
I admire what she did for her friend but it was still wrong I would also get revenge but not in that way
Fightmexx Fightmexx Sep 16, 2016
My parents would be disgusted if........
                              I got raped and I didn't FIGHT BACK!!
Gabbi_turtles Gabbi_turtles Apr 21, 2016
Wait there's more....and the bodies haven't been found 
                              *gets out a notepad preparing to take high-quality notes*
SainSaavy SainSaavy Jun 10, 2016
Ha... Such nice parents. My mom would be like, "Why did I even give birth to such an immoral child."
Ellias38 Ellias38 Jan 09
Isn't it like pretty illegal to try and use emotion to manipulate people in court? Like glaring, cough cough, or looking pitiful.
teamGaara_Shika93 teamGaara_Shika93 Jul 11, 2012
if that happen to my sister or brother i will probably do the same thing. i believe all rapist and child molesters, and serial killers should be sentence to death. anyway great story!