Last Stand 》Ticci Toby x Reader 》Savior Book 3

Last Stand 》Ticci Toby x Reader 》Savior Book 3

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X Dead Account X By hatsu-senpai Updated Nov 15, 2016

Caution: This is a sequel! Please check out the two previous installments to this trilogy before proceeding! Thank you :D
It is your daughter's fifth birthday and you and Toby have been living in peace at the Slender Mansion since Zero was restored to his original form as Zalgo, the king of the Creepypastas. The voice in your head has disappeared and nobody has tried to drain your blood. Life has been good.

At least, it WAS going well until your father makes a reappearance in a physical form. For some reason, he wants your daughter. As you and Toby face your most challenging opponent yet, you must protect your daughter and your friends. You can handle that, right?

[Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Creepypastas mentioned or the world they reside in.]

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RandomGirlKensy RandomGirlKensy Apr 17, 2017
I just realized that this is book 3, and I haven't read the first two :3
853lions 853lions Sep 27, 2016
...You thought these stories wouldn't do well? Really? THESE STORIES? In my opinion they're New York Times worthy!
SaltyNyumsie SaltyNyumsie Dec 23, 2016
Waaaait. Can't we die having a child with OUR BLOOD? Omg... if I die.... tell Toby HE's HOT.
Roxylover08 Roxylover08 Aug 15
I have to ask are all the creepy pasta boys her uncle??????????
Roxylover08 Roxylover08 Aug 15
Toby am sorry but no I don't want no spoiled child or u can just leave me with her
No Toby shouldn’t have a lighter in his hand, it’s dangerous for everybody...... for crying out loud he set a Forest on fire