Fyodor One Shots

Fyodor One Shots

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... By fyodors Updated Jan 07

There's a severe lack of Fyodor one shots so I plan on helping to change that. 

You may request scenarios and headcanons on my tumblr blog: fyodorscenarios.tumblr.com 
You can also request scenarios on my wattpad profile. Scenarios requested on tumblr will also be posted here. Please try to be as specific as possible so I can fulfill your expectations. 

May be OOC as Fyodor is difficult to characterize with how little we've seen of him. I will try my best to keep him as in character as possible though.  

Feedback is appreciated and updates will be sporadic.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

(Bungou Stray Dogs and it's characters belong to Kafka Asagiri)

user28252 user28252 Jan 08
Well thank you... I was trying to ignore my Russian homework but oh well .... 😂😂😂
apelpis apelpis Jul 06, 2016
I was going to post an essay long  comment of compliment when the wifi died and i lost the entire thing.
sleepykuroash sleepykuroash Nov 28, 2016
God bless u. Finally, a person make a fyodor x reader fanfic. Can you make a lemon?
apelpis apelpis Jun 28, 2016
Me too!!! I really like Fyodor <3 
                              You did a really good job writing out his personality, I really enjoyed it ;) I'm really looking forward to the next update!
jinzousekai jinzousekai Jun 29, 2016
                              BLESS YOU AND YOUR KIND SOUL 😭💓
Dark_EXE Dark_EXE Dec 24, 2016
wait, in the end the reader is dead ??? (°▽°) ?????