Tom Holland One Shot

Tom Holland One Shot

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Diana Shafer By SpidergirlTomHolland Updated Oct 20

~Your P.o.v~
( I'm gonna say I cause it's much easier than you. I'm lazy)

I got some great news from my dad that he was the director for "Spider-Man Homecoming" plus get this, Tom has to stay at my house. Eppp! I'm so excited but, my dad says I can't be near him too much. Dad. I love Tom and I can hang with him whenever I want. So really he is staying for a while or a really long time so, yay for me.

~Tom's here!~
As I woke this morning with my dad saying, "Come on get up (y/n), Tom is here and I need you to look good" "Dad I just got up and your telling me this now?" "Sorry I was busy getting ready myself" he said as he heard the doorbell rang, "He's here!" He said as he went near the door and then opened it to see Tom having his stuff behind him.

"Oh Tom so good to see you" said my dad as he shook his hand, "Good to see you too" he said as he looked at you, "Tom this is my daughter (y/n)" "Hi" I said "Hey" he said. "So Tom let me show you your room and you can just hang out if you...

I do everything my parents say not to do
                              (Minus smoking, drinking, and using drugs)
                              Ofc I'm gonna hang around Tom
                              He's da bae
He's 20
                              I'm 17 (well 15 in this imagine)
                              Ofc he's gonna be older than me *cries*