Cri De Coeur ||Mikayuu||

Cri De Coeur ||Mikayuu||

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Long ago, my best friend was taken from me. They took him, and a part of me. I was empty, void of most happiness for some time. To me, Mikaela was my childhood joy. 

 My everything.

 Now, I have found him. Rather, he found me. But his view on life was shifted. A freak of nature was what they called him. They feared him, believed the words that he truly is a monster.
He was not.

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Not to be rude.......but......I can do lots of thing cuz I’ve been dancing for 8 years
Woah this is sooooooo weird but I love it its absolutely perfect
Awesome book,chapter,and I'm surprised how far you've gone with it!
I live in a small town so it’s not very busy, but I have have travelled to cities (Boston, New York, Chicago, etc.) so I know what u mean
God dammit ferid not again don't make yuu upset on the one day he gets to have fun
Precious Innocent Mika.... SAVE THE CINNAMON ROLL   !!!
                              He can't become the 2nd generation Penny Wise... !!