Seduced By Despair - Junko Enoshima X Fem! Reader

Seduced By Despair - Junko Enoshima X Fem! Reader

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Ruruseiko Trash By Homrworld Updated Jul 24, 2016

This fic was started before DR 3 or DR V3.

(Y/N) Has recently been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy, a prestigious school for the lucky, the rich, and/or very talented. To be scouted, who must be known for having a talent that you specify in. And with that talent, you must be extremely gifted at it.

The rich students usually consist of the lower class Reserve Course. "Untalented" students take an entrance exam, and pay an expensive fee. They aren't treated as well as the Ultimates, and the students are aware of this unfair treatment. They feel the fees were put to waste, since the experience is less than or equal to public highschool education and schooling.

And lastly, are the Lucksters.
Students simply picked by lottery. Which (Y/N) hoped to classify in. But you didn't. You, in fact, are a Reserve Course Student. Destined for a life of unnecessary loans and no talent.

 But things can change after despair enters your life, in the form of Junko Enoshima.

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MythicalMystress MythicalMystress Jul 09, 2017
HAHA ME in a deep level but ..... WHAT A DADDYYY!!!!! *3* *///* -DROOLS- HE KNOWS MY ULIMATE WEAKNESS!!!!