The Girl on the Baseball Team (SLOWLY EDITING)

The Girl on the Baseball Team (SLOWLY EDITING)

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Annonymous By laurenhoop8 Updated Nov 19, 2015


That word has always been in Julie Stevens life. She was the best player at her school and at competitions. She led her team to a undefeated record.

But what happens when her Dad gets transferred to Orlando, Florida, to a small school, that doesn't have a softball team?

Julie does an unheard of thing... she joins the baseball team.

Join Julie on her journey trying out for the baseball team. Will she make it? How well will she fit in with the guys? Will she find "the one"?

Find out everything and more in

The girl on the Baseball Team.

-Full credits to laurenhoop8

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icroberts411 icroberts411 Aug 16, 2015
It kinda sounds like she drugged the suitcase to get it down the stairs lol
totallybieber totallybieber May 31, 2015
what ever happened to her car, did she just like leave it at the airport
kennedykeehn123 kennedykeehn123 Feb 01, 2015
it probly not because people did not really talk about softball they just talked about baseball
alexlinds alexlinds Apr 24, 2014
I know I'm not far into the story or anything but I live in Florida. Orlando is one of the biggest cities there, which doesn't quite fit the description of small town. I recommend Ocala, Ft. Myers, or maybe Boca Raton instead
kirstielovebands kirstielovebands Apr 24, 2014
I can't wait to start reading this. It sounds amazing so far! Ahh ❤️
brroce brroce Apr 24, 2014
(nothing against the author or story here. just a wattpad rant) why is that this story has thousands of views and votes yet it's undiscovered. I think That is pretty discovered of you ask me. why can't they put stories like Dare (my story) that only has 200 views and 30 votes as undiscovered...?