One Direction's Dirty Little Secret

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Alexarndra By heartsxx Completed
You'd think being someone's Dirty Little Secret would be fun wouldn't it? But what if two boys were keeping you secret and those two boys were best friends,  in the same band.. Claudia Styles has a secret. but Shh..... Don't tell anyone..
I love this book so much from the first time I read it about a year ago that I'm reading it again
Can I adapt this to Spanish? It's just so asdfghijvkndkv obviously, i'd give you credits:) if you don't want, it's ok:)
i am confused is this a book series or does it have nothing to do with the other Claudia book
Am I really so addicted to this story that I'm reading it AGAIN? Jeez, I'm addicted! If only the second one was finished...
Who's Claudia in the cast?? Its not writin?? Is it Eleanor??
I've read this like 5 times lol. It was also the first fan fiction I ever read(: