Room 1008 | Dean ♖

Room 1008 | Dean ♖

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We have Dani Song who thought that going on a romantic getaway with her amazing boyfriend was going to be all rainbows and sunshine but boy was she wrong. Actions have consequences children just remember that..

"Don't have sex because you'll get pregnant and die."

- coach carr from mean girls

I'm pretty sure there is another girl according to the title so sorry honey
vibinmonk vibinmonk Aug 29
Dani would be like "I thot we had something special?!?! ;-;-;-;"
odringe odringe Sep 01
Girl just play some Beyonce then turn the other way. 
                              Motto to abide by 
                              Play 👏some 👏Beyonce 👏then 👏urn 👏the 👏other 👏way 👏boo
It's been three hours I would have committed murder by then.
Wow okay someone pass me the chancla, the belt, the broom , the hanger every object out there so I can beat him up.
odringe odringe Sep 01
And to think men like grey in this story exist is actually is annoying