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Inks blood rose

Inks blood rose

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Fandom trash By fluttercord9 Updated 6 days ago

There's no such thing as 'normal' I thought to myself, but today was finally a normal day for me, well, that's what I thought. Every day seemed like before, i wake up to the same voice I hear from my brother, and I fall asleep to my shallow cries.

"Encre! Come down!"

I groaned crawling off the bed, grabbing my scarf tying it on the way downstairs. "What is it now brother?"

"Mind going out and getting some ink for my quills?"

I then sighed nodding, walking out a second later grabbing his bag. As I took each step on the snow I mumbled to myself, rubbing both of my arms. Shaking constantly, I just continued walking.

The cold heat never bothered me, I've been through the worse of heats.. A small bat landed on my nose a second later, showing a small smile, I gently placed the bat in my hands.

I like the bats here, their so small and adorable. But papyrus hates them, but he never explains to me why he does. 

"Aren't you a sweet little thing?"

Sitting down on a rock, I then pet the sm...

ChoiWooyun ChoiWooyun Mar 12
Ink/Encre: What was this feeling?
                              me: IT'S CALLED LOVE BOI!!!!!!!!!
Fallacy: It's two in the damn morning, what do you want? 
                              Jasper: To build a snowman!
                              Fallacy: ..........
Inxonix Inxonix Dec 01, 2016
encre means ink in french. wheellllppp it actually makes sense since encre is a diff version of ink which is french.... right?
XD jasper is paperjam so now errors son is his brother WHAAA wait... Im ink so..... WHAA
Apollosmoon Apollosmoon Dec 24, 2016
'The cold heat never bothered me.' Excuse me, but it appears you have created an oxymoron.
Sadies-Stories Sadies-Stories Sep 03, 2016
Waitwaitwaitwait, imagine this, Suave comes over to Jasper and whispers: "what did he say?" 
                              Jasper: "let the shipping commence!!!!!
                              Suave: makes a wild fan girl noise