Inks blood rose

Inks blood rose

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Undertaletrash By fluttercord9 Updated 3 days ago

There's no such thing as 'normal' I thought to myself, but today was finally a normal day for me, well, that's what I thought. Every day seemed like before, i wake up to the same voice I hear from my brother, and I fall asleep to my shallow cries.

"Encre! Come down!"

I groaned crawling off the bed, grabbing my scarf tying it on the way downstairs. "What is it now brother?"

"Mind going out and getting some ink for my quills?"

I then sighed nodding, walking out a second later grabbing his bag. As I took each step on the snow I mumbled to myself, rubbing both of my arms. Shaking constantly, I just continued walking.

The cold heat never bothered me, I've been through the worse of heats.. A small bat landed on my nose a second later, showing a small smile, I gently placed the bat in my hands.

I like the bats here, their so small and adorable. But papyrus hates them, but he never explains to me why he does. 

"Aren't you a sweet little thing?"

Sitting down on a rock, I then pet the sm...

Inxonix Inxonix Dec 01, 2016
encre means ink in french. wheellllppp it actually makes sense since encre is a diff version of ink which is french.... right?
Apollosmoon Apollosmoon Dec 24, 2016
'The cold heat never bothered me.' Excuse me, but it appears you have created an oxymoron.
Sadies-Stories Sadies-Stories Sep 03, 2016
Waitwaitwaitwait, imagine this, Suave comes over to Jasper and whispers: "what did he say?" 
                              Jasper: "let the shipping commence!!!!!
                              Suave: makes a wild fan girl noise
Diamond_Potato Diamond_Potato Nov 16, 2016
Fallacy and Encre sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! first comes love and second comes Paint.... Y U DO THIS PAINT!?! TAT
SmolMaiden SmolMaiden Sep 08, 2016
Ohhh.... I love it pls have more chapter I will wait until the update is done or later.
Chilli_Writez Chilli_Writez Dec 29, 2016
I thought it was Fallacy. Cuz that's how blogthegreatrouge spells it, and she made this AU. 
                              Not Fallancy.