Fox & Wolf

Fox & Wolf

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Eugene Woodbury By eugenewoodbury Completed

In Japan, werefoxes (kitsune) have mingled with humans for thousands of years. The magical powers of Abe no Seimei, the Heian court diviner, were credited to his kitsune mother. These days, though, were-creatures can't be so open, and some hide their true natures even from themselves.

Ami Tokudaiji is a kitsune from one of Japan's wealthiest families. But her mother has been disinherited and now their meager fortunes are threatened by a financial scandal. Yuki Yamakawa is a werewolf with the bad habit of picking fights with the wrong people (though usually for the right reasons).

When the two of them end up in the same homeroom class at Osaka's most exclusive girl's school, Yuki is determined to mend her ways and make Ami her new best friend. That is, if they don't kill each other first.

  • bullying
  • dogs
  • japan
  • kitsune
  • werefox
  • yakuza
Baby_CA Baby_CA Sep 16, 2013
I am certainly enjoying this! Keep writing, I have sincerely wondered about kitsunes for a while.