Echoes of the Otherworld (#Wattys2016)

Echoes of the Otherworld (#Wattys2016)

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Asante By sammydrf Updated 4 days ago

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Ana and Tara return home, learning they must spend time with the Wolwyns, three obnoxious siblings who will not study. Rather than spend their summer burning small animals, the sisters travel to Boudicca's home where they learn the truth about her upbringing.

But it's not just Boudicca's ghost Ana sees. After being given a rare unlucky clover from one of her father's friends, Ana begins to see a girl much like herself--in fact, Ana comes to believe the girl is her, other than the fact that she's from the Otherworld, a land of eternity that is separated from our world for a reason. 
As Ana enters her teen years and becomes a participant in the Griantolea Games trials, she begins to see and hear the desires of those who can never set foot on earth try to enter it in order to wreak havoc as part of a plan to use Ana's Seiter for a grand experiment. As Ana uncovers the truth about this girl who could be her twin, she comes to understand the power of the eternal force within her.

LOLZ_1337 LOLZ_1337 Jun 27, 2016
And can Ana please start vaporizing people? She deserves that ability xP
TheTrainWarden TheTrainWarden Jul 04, 2016
It feels like I've been waiting forever for this novel although it's only been a few weeks
Khalsi Khalsi Jun 28, 2016
*cringes* horrible kids. I sense the rivalry. Will they become enemies?
HalfMoonShine HalfMoonShine Oct 15, 2016
I would steal bread rolls at a dinner... But I stop myself because I'm paranoid. Now if everyone happened to leave the table at it was only me, there would be a empty dish on the table and a every full X sitting next to it.