(Discontinued) Break ~ Apocalypse Falls Au

(Discontinued) Break ~ Apocalypse Falls Au

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Sour Skittle By FallerFurever_Meow Updated Aug 27, 2016

The nuclear apocalypse started it all.

No one knows exactly how it started. All they care is the after effects of the disaster. 

Trees lost their leaves, the ground lost most of its grass, the town looked like a abandoned one. Many of the Gravity Falls citizens died of plauge.

Except some of them.

Dipper Pines survives, but mutated from a bird, he recieves wings and is cast out from the survivors, the hunters.

Mabel Pines however, is one to fear..... 

Cover was made by the amazing @BrightnessWings19 !

Check out the offical Apocalypse Falls on Tumblr! AU NOT MINE. PLOT IS MADE BY ME :3

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I'm so tired of people using 618 as an easteregg. It's getting annoying
- - Jan 26
Noo don't kill Dipper! (I have a feeling it's gonna be Dipstick ;P)
DisneyFaller DisneyFaller Jun 30, 2016
I've never been into this AU before...but this sounds good, Rainbow!
Shadowtigress Shadowtigress Jun 30, 2016
KILL THE BEASTS! CUT THEIR THROATS! SPILL THEIR BLOOD! May Mabel become the new Lord of the Flies!
Pegasister60 Pegasister60 Jun 30, 2016
Pine Tree's the monster, Mabel the hunter? Oh this is interesting.
mlgladybug mlgladybug Sep 14, 2016
Has no one noticed that it feels like fallout cross with gf/ WHICH IS SO COOL!!