The Red Bride

The Red Bride

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Dr. Alice Hatter makes perfect human beings out of household appliances and kitchen ingredients. She calls them her Perfections because to stay alive, they need to physically feed on insecurities and what better food product has a high source of Vitamin-I? Humans. 

On her journey to terminate the Perfections, she realizes someone else is creating her Perfections. Someone who was once her perfect being.

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Angel0Girl Angel0Girl Apr 10, 2017
Omg this is so freaking cool to me ☺️ I can actually super relate because I'm joining the Israeli Defense Force in a year too and I'm really nervous, also I'm probably going to serve for a bit longer than the mandatory two years there
Angel0Girl Angel0Girl Apr 10, 2017
I think that in this moment I may have just fallen in love with her a little
shittyjokesandcoffee shittyjokesandcoffee Apr 11, 2017
Wow that's my name, people normally spell it Maisie if they use it at all
FoodDrinks FoodDrinks Sep 04, 2016
NERVE is actually based off a book, and a great one at that. Sorry, I just didn't want you giving ALL the credit to the trailer when their's an actual author behind the magic. 😉
StoryTimewithAlyssa StoryTimewithAlyssa Feb 14, 2017
Kind of reminds me of Nerve, although I feel like this will have a much different and interesting plot..
DictateYourself DictateYourself Aug 11, 2016
OH MY GERD! That movie was so f-ING good 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾