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We Made It (book 4).

We Made It (book 4).

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(.x.Sarah_Jane.x.) By Kill__The__DJ Updated 17 hours ago


Harry and Izzy's relationship hasn't always been the easiest of rides... but through it all, they've had each other. 
They've faced death, cancer, loss, heartbreak, a tumultuous break up, press intrusion, lies, deceit, devastation and the loss of their beloved Oliver.... yet six years after they first met, with Izzy's biological clock ticking, how will they face their biggest hurdle yet as they hit the road of parenthood and finally become parents? 

*Book 4 in the Harry & Izzy series- please do NOT read unless you've read Lay It All On Me, Weird World & Here We Stand first. Thanks!* :)

WARNING: Includes strong, explicit scenes. Please only read if you are comfortable with mature content. Some scenes may affect you, and I am not responsible for the feels or heartache I'm about to put you through. Maybe I am.

All rights reserved to me darlings. No translations or re-posting elsewhere without my consent. xo

marissastyless marissastyless Aug 15, 2016
Omg I am so excited!!! 😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️ xxx
jmar1104 jmar1104 Aug 16, 2016
Okay. It's taken me all day but FINALLY. Time for my fix 😍
Lorenzo1984 Lorenzo1984 Sep 10, 2016
Thank god you decided to continue this. I am in love with every book you write. I can't describe how amazing your writing is. Can't wait to read this new one. 👏
hutch6097 hutch6097 Aug 15, 2016
Omg!! Can....not...wait! I thought you were only doing a one shot! I didnt know you were doing book 4!!!!! Omg!!!!
CarlyC14 CarlyC14 Aug 15, 2016
Whhhhhhhhaaaaaattttt! Omfg I can't wait. Twins!!! I am not OK
StacyZZ StacyZZ Aug 15, 2016
I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas morning!!! 🎉🤗😍