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I hate you, but I love you also.. .:H2Ovanoss:.

I hate you, but I love you also.. .:H2Ovanoss:.

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I ship everyone and everything By Some_Drunk_Mofo Completed

Evan Fong and Jonathan Dennis were dating for a few months until they started to fall apart, weeks passed and Jonathan saw something he wished he never ever saw.. 

Will Jonathan ever forgive Evan for his actions?

-Trigger warning
-Might include smut
-Self harm

I saw a video on Facebook today of a girl cutting her self on her cheek with a blade😩😩😭
                              Whyyyyy would she do that?
JesterLei JesterLei Dec 01, 2016
Great book and oh excuse me for a sec *knocks out principal and speaks through the mic* uhmm will evan fong and that bitc- I mean the girl he was talking to come to the torture roo- I mean principal's office we are just gunna have a little talk thank you..... *grabs bat and knife*