I hate you, but I love you also.. .:H2Ovanoss:.

I hate you, but I love you also.. .:H2Ovanoss:.

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I ship everyone and everything By Some_Drunk_Mofo Completed

Evan Fong and Jonathan Dennis were dating for a few months until they started to fall apart, weeks passed and Jonathan saw something he wished he never ever saw.. 

Will Jonathan ever forgive Evan for his actions?

-Trigger warning
-Might include smut
-Self harm

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sloth_oth sloth_oth Dec 08, 2017
Luke did you just ask him if he is alright after he JUST FOUND OUT HIS BOYFRIEND WAS CHEATING ON HIM
safirekaitlyn safirekaitlyn Mar 17, 2017
My boyfriend of 4 months lifted my head to give him a kiss and I didn't complain it was so romantic. Though he made it a habit. That didn't mean that I didn't like it. Although he broke up with me 1 day after we celebrated our anniversary of 4 months, he says that he is moving.
Bacoon_bear Bacoon_bear Oct 22, 2017
happyniece102 happyniece102 Jul 10, 2017
This part made my eyes crazy and felt they were going to pop out
SolbyBrolby SolbyBrolby Feb 13
My mom just looked over at me bc I was yelling at my phone. She told me that I get way to attached to these stories
FanfictionWannaBe FanfictionWannaBe Dec 31, 2017
* Takes blade * NO BAD BOY !!!! GO TO YOUR ROOM 
                              Oh wait you already are....