Anime Rants

Anime Rants

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vincent is a pickle By HeartOfNature Updated Jan 21

I have a lot to say.
Includes reviews, ships (fight me but don't because I'm a cute delicate puffball) feels, complaints and all-around negativity. Mostly.

Despite Shino's appearance on my cover Naruto rants are in a separate book. I'm sorry.

i hate nalu, sebaciel and ereri
if you have a problem with that please leave

YuuriBomBastic YuuriBomBastic Nov 24, 2016
I ship all of these xD 
                              Except Armin x Mikasa >_> I dunno why but this is literally the only ship I can't see ever happening no matter what
jungshook_memed jungshook_memed Aug 05, 2016
Elisabettaa Elisabettaa Jan 04
Now I spoiler something of orrible if you don't finished the anime don't read:
                              Who had cry when Marco die?
                              I refused to accept this... poor Jean! They were perfect to ship!!
- - Sep 20, 2016
Its p much legal where I live so whatevs to the cousin bit😂😂
- - Sep 20, 2016
I love this man so much you dONT UNDERSTAND HE IS MY CHILD ;3;
Elisabettaa Elisabettaa Jan 04
It's Levi... the Japaneses can't say l so they read r and they wanted to read in English but the name Is Italian