Magi Inserts ➳ Oneshots

Magi Inserts ➳ Oneshots

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~❦ By blackrukh Updated Feb 12

I do not own any of the characters in this book! Just the oneshots written in this book! 

Feel free to leave a request in the comments! That would be of much help to me! Thank you!


MaizonoNevermind MaizonoNevermind Aug 16, 2016
Even if Kouha was ooc the story was very kawaii! Loved it so I voted
BunnieBeth BunnieBeth Jan 09
Can you do Jafar x slave girl that he saves and happens to be a magician I'd really appreciate it if you could give her wings
Inesdayo Inesdayo Oct 24, 2016
Can you write a  {Teenager!]Aladdin x reader who reader almost died ?Thanks <3
The_little_stargazer The_little_stargazer Jul 23, 2016
Can you Maybe do a Titus x reader (fluff)  ? If it's ok?  (Please?)
unlimitedtears unlimitedtears Jun 29, 2016
Solomon please with him teasing reader for being so adorable (romance please?)
Rizveltz_08 Rizveltz_08 Jul 25, 2016
Please ! Jealous kouha x reader. Kouha is jealous because you always play with kouen or koumei