Magi ☆ Various Oneshots

Magi ☆ Various Oneshots

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I do not own any of the characters in this book! Just the oneshots written in this book! 

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Can you please do one where Kouen's pregnant wife walks in on him with a concubine. 3rd person please. Thanks!
A Ja'Far X Reader fluff, where reader gets drunk and Ja'Far escorts her to her room 13. Please?
Mina7967 Mina7967 May 24
Can that be for Kouha X Reader? And can it be a smut? I think I am too perverted
16) oooooh i would like this with a jealous Judar AAAAAAAAAH so kawaii >w<
Redwood2003 Redwood2003 Oct 25
Can you do a Hakuryuu× reader??? Fluff and Angst! Where Hakuryuu doesnt know the reader loves him to death???
Can you do a Mystras X Reader where the reader is Sinbads sister?