Between Earth and Sky | ✓

Between Earth and Sky | ✓

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Once Upon Now Grand Prize Winner published by Gallery Books.

Sixteen-year-old Mira Sighansen never questions her place in the majestic wilderness of the Yukon Territory until she witnesses her brothers' oil rig explode. Refusing to believe the young men are dead, the teen's suspicions are strengthened when their bodies aren't found and she's later visited by six wild egrets. 

But these are no ordinary birds, and Mira is faced with a remarkable task not even the loss of her voice or the anger of her best friend (over a boy, of course!) can hamper.

Convinced she can break a magical enchantment to bring her brothers back, Mira will risk jail and even psychiatric commitment to stop the rig from being rebuilt. Failure to overcome the doubts of her mayor mother, the opposition of her drilling foreman step-father, and the wrath of an industry thirsty for the valuable natural resource could mean not only the end of her family as she knows it, but also the loss of a vital part of her peoples' culture.

This 9,000 word original short story is a modern-day retelling of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale number forty-nine 'The Six Swans' with a First Nations twist. It was part of the #OnceUponNow contest sponsored by @Target for a chance to be included in a published anthology. As of July 5, 2016, it has made it into the Top 25 and as of August 16, 2016, it has been announced as one of the Top 10 Grand Prize winners.

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StoryofAshlyn StoryofAshlyn Jun 20, 2016
Hands down, one of the best opening paragraphs. I love the thought behind it - reversing the magic of fairy tales.
RG_Tuarck RG_Tuarck Aug 08, 2016
Definitely following this one. I have to admit you got me on the first paragraph which sounded so pitifully humorous... I love it.
sauthca sauthca Aug 23, 2016
I'm much too far behind in my comments etc.  to affect your plan by voting now so I shall for a fascinating slant on a culture that is new to me. regards Carey
MarilynAHepburn MarilynAHepburn Jun 20, 2016
I'd wish you luck, but it looks like you don't need any!!!! I'm saving this to read later. I've heard many good things. :)
htcsc78 htcsc78 Jun 15, 2016
Hey great introduction of the story! I'm surprised Mira's mother found a man after so many children! Most men don't want that kind of baggage but it helps they're all grown up!! Love it so far!!!