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Silent Love

Silent Love

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nikita ღ By dannii07 Updated Dec 27, 2010

No one stayssilent forever...
Left on a strangers doorstep a day after birth Asrai and her loving foster parents Jenny and Mike go to find a new home for the 4th time in the 5yr olds life. They go to the New Country were the Dark Lights and Humans live in peace, well they are seperated by barriers and not all are nice but hey it's better than being dinner for someone on the streets eh?
Anyway in New Country the people from the humans side try to help little Asrai with a small condiction she's had since birth. She's mute. So she really has yet to say her first word, but don't undrestamate this girl becuase at the age she is she can already read and write, writing in her notebook helps her to comunacate with people. Humans try to help but fail so they turn to their next door neighbors. The dark Lights. After a certain amount of time three witches step forth gives the girl a voice. 
After being mute for eight years now she talks to those of her age including the Dark Light kids. As she grows older she developes a certain dislike towards the Dark Light vampires and makes it her reasponstablity to take leadership of her human age group,making sure no one gets hurt.
But danger lurks ahead as a flood breaks the banks of a river near the human village. The grown ups are no help as they are getting older and weaker so Asrai now 16 gets the teens together to fix it or else many lives will end. But how an you help when your enemy jumps the barrier? How come that every time your around him you feel weak, defenceless? How come your heart pounds when you see him? How do you cope when he and a bunch of other Dark Light vampires offer to help? But what does he want in return?
Loads of questions yet the answers lie in the story your about to read.
Good luck fending with the Dark Lights, you may need it!
BTW Poison Love kind of inspired this!

dannii07 dannii07 Jan 03, 2011
@Animus_Argentis Thank god someone is giving me proper feed back!! Thank You! I'll probably write another prologue though! Thanks again!
theWorder theWorder Jan 03, 2011
Ahhh, this is going to be a pleasure to read. 
                               ~ I love the prologue, it let's you know the characters a bit - but not too much
                               ~  The plot is great, and I have to read it all before writing more...
                               ~ Great written, great story
                               ~ Voted! xD
JamesDSwinney JamesDSwinney Jan 01, 2011
It's great so far! I loved the dialog at the beginning! It's going to be really really good!
dannii07 dannii07 Dec 27, 2010
@Anahita @TinaDaGee @MorganKnox @silenced Thanks, I will try to upload soon I already have a chapter written but it's pretty boring so but then again it starts of as her being 5 and mute so yeah but I'll upload in a moment then.
MorganKnox MorganKnox Dec 27, 2010
This sounds very interesting! It sounds like my kind of story ;) upload soon!
XxSecretOfMinexX XxSecretOfMinexX Dec 24, 2010
@TinaDaGee I agree! Plus I love this song! I read the info part too, I cant wait to see how it all plays out!