Stars | Pavel Chekov

Stars | Pavel Chekov

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"How old are you?" Bones asked.

"17 sir." Pavel replied happily.

Bones' eyes widened and said "oh, oh good he's 17." 

"She's 17 too!" Pavel said, motioning towards me.

I blushed and said "he's correct. If we hide behind Saturn's rings Nero won't find us." 

I looked at Pavel and he looked at me. We both blushed and looked down.

A story in which a girl falls for the curly haired Pavel Chekov. Zaylee Bloom is one of the smartest in her class. Except for one boy. Pavel Chekov. They  drift away when they're assigned to Starships, not knowing they're both assigned to the Enterprise. When they fall for each other how will this work out?

This is a Pavel x Reader story

For the lovely Anton Yelchin who I miss dearly

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Igotmadskills Igotmadskills May 23, 2017
ME TOO! Anton,  you will always be in my thoughts! I already love this story!
irolledunderashutter irolledunderashutter Nov 08, 2017
Right what is this Pasha thing I don't get it pls someone explain
ZoeMcQueen95 ZoeMcQueen95 Jun 29, 2016
I love that you are doing a story with the POV of another crew member and Chekov. He's my favorite.
Jaytuberhusky Jaytuberhusky Nov 30, 2016
He's so adorable, R.I.P Anton Yelchin. One of the best actors, and people in the world ❤️