Draygon Frost | Book 1 | ✔️

Draygon Frost | Book 1 | ✔️

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

To hell with everyone.
  That's Siobhan's motto. Not even her loyal mentor Elias can strip her of her desire to barter passage to Ardorn where she can live without fear of her past catching up to her, a past that destroyed everything she loved. Streetwise and hardened to reality, Siobhan keeps her head down and out of the crosshairs of the Vanguard Generals--men who enslave anyone with magic into will-less perfect soldiers and kill any human who gets in their way. Their brutal methods part crowded streets and make even Siobhan shiver at the sight of their crimson cloaks. To stay clear of them is to survive and Siobhan is a master of survival.
  Until she meets Wren.
  His naïve, wannabe thief ways, would have been fun to play with if not for the fact he's willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, in order to rescue his fiancé. Siobhan finds herself pulled into his quest; one that shatters everything she thought she wanted. Reaching Ardorn becomes the least of her problems. If Siobhan doesn't accept who she was born to be, the entire world will shatter and a great evil will rise.
  So much for having a little fun.


This story was posted to Wattpad and only Wattpad. If you're seeing this note and you're not reading it on Wattpad...it was stolen. So please get your butt over to Wattpad and read it by the actual author, Prisim, and not the thief who couldn't be bother to even delete this message let alone write their own unique story.

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DancingRose22 DancingRose22 Aug 18, 2017
anyone else click on this book only because they saw to hell with everyone
rmcneary rmcneary Sep 12, 2017
I like how her general flippancy trickles down to every bit of her personality. Even naming horses.
itsbekahs itsbekahs Sep 23, 2017
I read a Wattpad book based off the game The Werewolf, it was so engaging. I forgot how inspiring games could be. I like the first chapter, I'm sure I'll be reading more. What kind of world-building do you use? I love your imagery!
itsbekahs itsbekahs Sep 23, 2017
This girl needs to stop before I develop a crush. Bad ass, secret sweetie,  AND likes animals? It's like you know my weakness.
BigKittyLover BigKittyLover Jul 16, 2016
Ooooooo this is gonna be another goodie. I can feel it.
                              Fantastic start😄
SamRook9 SamRook9 Aug 22, 2016
I like how we see a glimpse of her soft side.  Adding this one to my library.