Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime

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Elly By Warrior_Elli Updated Apr 07, 2017

Richard (Dick) Grayson. He was a happy child. His smile could brighten the world. Bu that all ended one day. His family was killed right in front of him, falling to their deaths. Driven by anger and rage, he runs away becoming an assassin. Now he will cause chaos to this world.

Wallace (Wally) West. He was a sweet, loud and funny child. His smile brought smiles to the world. But that all ended when he got home. Behind close doors was his father abusing him. He couldn't take the pain anymore so he ran away into the darkness. Never wanting anyone to find him again.

Two kids. One 8, One 10. Both meeting two years after running away from the world. Now both are the Most Wanted in the World. The reward to catch them alive and bring them both to The Light is 65 Billion Dollars. With the Justice League after them to save them and old enemy's resurfacing.

All hope could be lost. But remember one thing.

You'll Never Take Them Alive

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Madness_Cure Madness_Cure Dec 14, 2017
We'll live like spoiled royalty
                              Lovers and partners,
                              PARTNERS IN CRIME!
We swore that death we'll do us part, they'll call our crimes a work of Art ~
This song is my LIFE!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Everyone seems to know this song. I'm apparently one of the few that don't know it.
We'll live like spoiled royalty!
                              Lovers and partners!
                              PARTNERS IN CRIME!
                              Partners in crime
LoveBug515 LoveBug515 Feb 04
I have a story like this. I didn’t realize there was another story like this XD