Enemies Became Friends Forever

Enemies Became Friends Forever

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Mahive By Maahive Updated Nov 20

Highest Rank till now, #10 in general fiction (as on 20th November 2016).

A story about a girl (Naina) and a guy (Ashish) who hate each other from their childhood because of a reason. After finishing their high school they eventually go in their own paths to succeed in their career. 

But at one point of time destiny makes them meet each other again and Ashish wants to befriend Naina considering all their childhood incidents were because of their callowness. But, Naina won't consider him as her friend. As the time passes they both fall in love and becomes friends forever.

Want to know the reason behind their hatred for each other and how they fall in love? Then start reading the story of these two.

vrtdilukshi vrtdilukshi Oct 08
Remind me of many evergreen moments... Hahaha its the same routine for almost 5years in chennai... Also similar to my gang of , viji ,yamu and me... We are the most annoying, mischievous, but also creative,intelligent and critial smart thinkers... Hahahaha miss my gang... Miss those days...
omg u get up that early 
                              7:30 is the time I get up though I have school at 8:15
A tomboy....cool 
                              Nice intro....made me remember my school days
laya_anya laya_anya Nov 23
Tq so much for such brief prologue...
                              I mean, I was gone to my school days back... Almost everythg was same except I ride by bicycle...
                              This made me to remember my school days, tht I missed tht a lot and lot...*a lonely tears escape from my left eye*
Diksha8011 Diksha8011 Aug 27
10:30pm😨 .. I hardly remember that after 10th I did sleep this early😅
bubbleluv23 bubbleluv23 Sep 15
Looks like a version of me...same conventee with same timings but no morning tuition alone