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Fortuitous | Urban ➰ #Wattys2016

Fortuitous | Urban ➰ #Wattys2016

43.8K Reads 3.3K Votes 15 Part Story
🔮 By CrassMelanin Updated 15 hours ago

All his life Demarkus felt as if he was always dealt the bad hand, convicted at age nineteen for drugs that weren't even his and being abandoned by his friends and family members led him to realize that he was totally alone. 

He pledges to start over his entire life, with one goal in mind, to be successful and to finally get himself off the ground. 

Enter Malaysia Marley, a thick chocolate goddess wrapped in sympathy and drizzled with understanding. Albeit not without her few flaws and issues. 

Play with fire and you'll get burnt, no doubt about it. 

Fortuitous © 2016 by CrassMelanin™.

You're doing very well, well enough that I'm drawn in to that space.  Ilike it so far.
TeddyBlacq TeddyBlacq Nov 03, 2016
His situation is soo sad but his attitude is positive. 
                              A really great start.  Loving it already
Chy_Seoul Chy_Seoul Jan 22
4 note for review: hmmm, I love the start of this. Introduces what was mentioned in the synopsis in the first chapter.
phuckyolove phuckyolove Jan 05
At least he making an effort, many steadily complain and wont put in action!
Chy_Seoul Chy_Seoul Jan 22
1 note for review: this connects with young adults. Great first paragraph.
Chy_Seoul Chy_Seoul Jan 22
2 note for review: I wonder if she'll be his downfall or will she help him.