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Epius1832 By Epius1832 Updated Oct 16, 2016

"Let him go Erik!"
Erik chuckled like a mad man.

"Let him go? You want me to let your pretty little Vicomte go? You know I would do anything for you Christine... Very well. Let's see how much you love him when he's deformed! A monster! Like me!"
Raoul trembled and screamed in pure agony when the flames devoured his flesh...

  Raoul De Chagny was burned by his enemy and is now cursed as his Christine's "Angel" is. Deformed. A animal. A freak. A... Monster. After the events at the Opera House, Raoul is 'protected' by his older brother Philipe. He is hidden from the world and chained up in a abandoned cellar of the De Chagny mansion, his brother treats like a wild animal. The once Vicomte is beaten and starved, Christine would visit him so rarely and she would recoil in horror when her former fiancé would ask for a kiss, her love for him died. She pitied him and yet not even that, she had fallen for his brother.

  One night Philipe and Christine confess their love for one another, and the older brother decides it is time to put his brother out of his misery. That night Christine feeds him and kisses his lips but Raoul doesn't respond he knows what they are doing. Before his brother could kill him he is knocked out and Raoul escapes with a lust for vengeance. Wanting to hurt those who hurt him lost, he goes to the man who burned him and begs him for help...

  Revenge may sound or seem sweet for a long while but will always have a sour outcome...

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Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Aug 30, 2016
This is so good! I kind of like how this fanfic is a little nicer to Raoul instead of dissing him all the time (poor little guy :( ).
thepottergirl123 thepottergirl123 Feb 17, 2017
I love the story, but I do ship Eristine, so I kinda don't feel bad for Raoul....
                              Or do I?
                              Not sure.....
The_Christine_Daae The_Christine_Daae Jul 04, 2016
I love this!!!!!! BTW I really love that you cast Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo as Christine and Erik!  Go job!😊
TeamPhn TeamPhn Jun 26, 2016
I LOVE this!!! Amazing! Love the way you describe it!! Keep up this brilliant work!
LabyrinthLover12345 LabyrinthLover12345 Aug 17, 2016
Love your book, but didn't she have brown eyes in the first chapter?
ThePinkBurrito ThePinkBurrito Jul 06, 2016
I love this! Finally not another crappy Erik X Oc by some ten year old fop! I actually like this!