Reunited [Karma X Reader] //with lemon\\

Reunited [Karma X Reader] //with lemon\\

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Maria Pett By xScorpio02x Completed

You and Karma are childhood friends.
He saved you one day.
Then because of your parents you lost him.
Until you went to E class.

They are teens and do fall for each other easily. So yes its fast paste and there is contradictions. Teens are still finding themselves, it's for character purposes! 

The characters are not mine except for the extra one I added (AKA: YOU) I do not own Assassination Classroom!!


Due to Wattpad this book is "Mature content" because there is 3-4 chapters which get "too detailed"
So read at your own risk. I guess???

Also! If you report a story which says "Lemon/Lime" because fanfiction you're ruining stories.
You click on them KNOWING there is going to be sexual content, then when you see it you're suddenly SURPRISED!?
No, if you don't like sexual content then don't click on the story, even thought mine suck at descriptions.

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Cute? I'm not a dog booiii. And what is this "mind" you speak of?
Thx but dat wasn't mai best! I'm gonna show you crazy. Later when I'm not tired tho. Maybe I'll stab you? Only time will tell.
Ever heard something called puberty, yeah, we all deal with it XD ((im so late in thia book ;-;))
Oh and if u call that crazy BITCH U HAVE NOT SEEN THE ENDS OF IT!
This. This is what happens when you look at your genderbend picture Karma.
I know right just look at me *Poses sexy*
                              And also *Covers boobs*
                              PERV! *Slaps Karma*