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Big Mistake

Big Mistake

360K Reads 13.6K Votes 48 Part Story
✒️ By Bookie1626 Completed

A werewolf. A mate. The cliche alpha rejects his mate story. But it's all too real for Charlie. Where can she even go?
Her pack pretty much ignores her existence. Her parents are in Paris helping out some other packs. Her friends incourage her to join her parents, and so she does.  Suddenly two years later, little miss rejected mate comes back with a hot new body and a hot new attitude. She's not looking to forgive and forget. But she's not looking for revenge. Karma will do them in. But that cliche mate. He wants her back. What if she doesn't want to fall in love? What if she does? It's a little more complicated than that though. You have to take into account, a stalker. Yes a stalker. Her new best friend Tyler is not the only person accompanying Charlie back home, but her twisted, love-struck stalker as well.
Cliche with a twist.
Maybe you can learn a little something about showing people they've made a big mistake...

I thought he was supposed to be some big bad alpha werewolf, not a pathetic sheep following the masses.
peaches0707 peaches0707 May 15
Isn't an Alpha supposed to be a leader? Not a coward? He can't stand up for his can he stand up for his pack? Without a Luna, his pack will not survive for.long. Good work Fucktard.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 05, 2016
Ya I mean it's not like you can command people to shove it and stop being aššholes to their future Luna. That would make too much sense.
I'd say that my life buuuut ......well that's my life, fück it 😃🔫
Nonnex Nonnex Dec 25, 2016
Niqqa please if anything you sad watch her like she is the g
Carissalolme5 Carissalolme5 Dec 07, 2016
Talk about Girl power right there,I mean all the other girls don't do this in other books