Heart Eyes Howell//Phan//

Heart Eyes Howell//Phan//

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your internet mom By momisnotonfire Completed

2011 meets 2015.
Warnings: Contains certain scenes that may be inappropriate for younger readers. Strong language. References to triggering material such as depression and self harm. 
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters as these are obviously real people. I also do not own any of the videos mentioned in this story, they belong to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. Basically the only thing I own in this story is the plot line. 

[I wrote this when I was like twelve so please be nice]

Completed September 4th 2016

Word count: around 34k words. 2-3k words per chapter.

Thanks for 50k. ❤

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danseyelash58 danseyelash58 Aug 26, 2017
danseyelash58 danseyelash58 Aug 26, 2017
                              One of them always has to get hurt or die don't they
DarkfireRaven DarkfireRaven Jul 07, 2017
My twin recommended this, and I am so thankful they did. I love this book, a lot.
unrelated but i ate poop and got some sort of disease from it :/ but im cured now!
Singinggirl0515 Singinggirl0515 Aug 08, 2017
Who else is picturing if I stay.... And then crying?😭😭
magicllamacorn13 magicllamacorn13 Aug 23, 2017
I don't think dan would say that but it is sad how true that is!!