Heart Eyes Howell//Phan//

Heart Eyes Howell//Phan//

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[Whit] By arroganttoerag Completed

2011 meets 2015.
Warnings: Contains certain scenes that may be inappropriate for younger readers. Strong language. References to triggering material such as depression and self harm. 
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters as these are obviously real people. I also do not own any of the videos mentioned in this story, as they belong to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. Basically, the only thing I own in this story is the plot line. 
NOTE: I'm an American writing in a British point of view, so my terms will not be accurate. Also, I tend to type quickly, so please respectively inform me if I have any errors. 

Completed September 4th 2016

Word count: around 34k words. 2-3k words per chapter.

uhm that's getting kinda obsessed with them if it's true.....
                              i guess I'm obsessed with them 😂😂
WTF?!?! even tho i expected this after reading the first chapter, but still!!! wtf?!?! why?!?!
_Hoodles_ _Hoodles_ Nov 08
You cant just assume that Dan.....I mean it's not wrong but I wouldn't like that
Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhghajrvsj YAYA I LUV IT, okay I was acting crazy but i've beeeeen waiting for this! <3
It's true...it's kind of sad...Maybe I should get a SOCIAL life
                              WHO AM I KIDDING THAT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN
I'm phan trash but no I wouldn't enjoy that mostly cause I just imagined Dan crapping on the toilet  and it made me uncomfortable