A New Partner

A New Partner

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Le Savage Cabbage By LadybugMeredith Completed

When an akumatized person goes after Marinette, Chat tries to protect her. 

Due to a small distraction, she is killed by the akuma, leaving her friends, family, and all of Paris completely heartbroken.

 The same Ladybug never showed up again.

Instead, a new girl shows up to take her place...
Started June 8, 2016
Ended November 3, 2016

Amazing cover was designed by: @Blanc_Cupid

Lady_blog Lady_blog Jan 06
Adrien: Hey Plagg I'm doing a crossword game here in the news paper.  Know any words with six letters which means oblivious?
                              Plagg: Adrien 
                              Adrien: thanks! 
                              Adrien: …
                              Adrien: … 
                              Adrien: Hold on.
CDC2003 CDC2003 Oct 18, 2016
wharswrong wharswrong 2 days ago
That's sad 😞😢 
                              I hate Volpina/Lila i will get her and i will destroy her 😡😤😣😠
                              That little.... 😠
CrispMosaic CrispMosaic Sep 08, 2016
Reading this again while listening to 'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger'.
Is it bad tht im not crying...
                              I mean maybe i would cry if the death wasnt so quick, but honestly i dont feel anything for the death
                              lol im a horrible person ;-;
Reiba_Kane42 Reiba_Kane42 Oct 19, 2016
Um.. wow. I actually thought you were joking. But you did it. And now my feels are all over the place. *sobs in corner while rocking back and forth*